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Are you seeking assistance for resolving problematic addictive behavior? Would you like that assistance to respect your ability to make your own decisions and your other abilities?


SEATA providers view you as able to identify and create your own solutions for change, even though you may initially need assistance to do so. We often begin by helping you clarify your own motivations to change. We may also teach you methods for keeping those motivations in mind, even when part of you wants to return to problematic behaviors.


We can teach you what we know from science, and what we have learned in working with others. However, how you change and how much you change is up to you. No professional or anyone else can “fix” you. However, your deep engagement with a knowledgeable professional can help you build the skills to change yourself.

Most individuals resolve problematic addictive behavior without seeking outside help. If you are seeking help, you probably experience other problems as well, such as anxiety, trauma, depression, bipolar disorder or other significant mental health issues. These issues substantially complicate the change process, and are a good reason to seek professional assistance. If you have mental health issues your services will probably need to focus more on them than the addictive behavior itself. You are better served by qualified licensed mental health professionals (ones who also understand addictive behavior). Drug and alcohol counselors, recovery coaches and other individuals providing non-licensed assistance can have an important role, when mental health professionals oversee them.


We recommend you investigate your treatment options carefully. It is often a good idea to check out several providers or options before committing to one. For most individuals outpatient care will be sufficient. Depending on your situation, the involvement of your family can be a highly significant part of the change process. If you are making significant changes for yourself, your family will probably be called upon to make changes also.


SEATA providers intend to make services appealing enough that you will seek them before a major crisis develops. If you do need to respond to a crisis, you can deal with it first, then make a carefully considered long term plan afterward. The resolution of the crisis is probably only the first step toward an enduring solution (even though it’s easy to think, when the crisis is past, “I’m cured!”).


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