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Welcome! Self-empowering addiction treatment works to build your own capacity to change problematic addictive behavior. In the self-empowering approach your provider works with your goals, rather than imposing goals on you. Over time you increasingly rely on internal resources for self-management, rather than external resources (like groups, a therapist, a coach, or others).
In the powerlessness, 12-step or disease-oriented approach, the capacity to change resides outside of you, in a Higher Power, group, or other outside authority. Step 1 of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) begins: “We admitted we were powerless.” 12-step participants (Step 3) “turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him” [italics in the original].
Either approach can work. However, the self-empowering approach has been underrepresented in US treatment. SEATA works to make this approach available as an option to everyone.

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